Export Sales

We Specialize in American Beef.

  • Take pride in quality service and procurement of product.
  • Connect with our brands to deliver an authentic service.
  • Adapt our marketing service strategy to fit the target market.
  • Have the solutions to bring product to plates anywhere in the world.

Our Services

We Are Protein Specialists.

Market Trends/Pricing

We will provide you with the market insight and pricing trend to support you to make the right decision on procuring the product.

Informational Services

From where, when, how, to what production measures are being used and what quality measures are in place.

Logistics & Supply Chain Support

From Ocean shipment to Air shipment, we will seek for the best solution that meets your need.

Branding & Marketing Support / Localization of Product

Adapting to the International market through marketing and localization. From local food show to dinner events, we want to work together with our clients to make sure we get the brand story out to our listeners.


Dinner Event in TOKYO at Prime 42
by Nebraska Farm

“Check out this clip from our dinner event in Tokyo with guest chef & many buyers and restaurant owners to showcase our top-quality U.S. beef brand.”

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