Wagyu cattle are generally fed a high energy diet with various grains, hay,

The yield of wagyu is reflected in the letter grade (A, B or C) and the meat quality is reflected in the number (1-5). This means that an A5 grade has the highest possible yield grade (A) and highest possible meat quality grade (5).

Real wagyu comes specifically from the pure-bred black haired Kuroge cattle with a genetic predisposition to intramuscular marbling. This specific breed of cattle yields highly marbled cuts unlike any other breed found around the world.

Real 100% wagyu comes exclusively from Japan. The genetics of the Kuroge black-haired cattle are kept exclusively within the borders of Japan, with laws in place to prevent the export of a pure-bred wagyu cattle outside of the country. All wagyu that is raised outside of Japan is crossbred with another breed of cattle such as Angus or Holstein.

Wagyu was first available for import the US in 2008. This was the first time that American consumers could try real wagyu beef for themselves without making the trip to Japan.