100% Pure Bred, Dynamic Marbled Genuine Japanese Wagyu Beef Imported Directly From Kagoshima, Japan

Satsuma, referring to the region the current day prefecture of Kagoshima located in southern tip of Kyushu Island, Japan.

Kagoshima is the largest beef producing prefecture in Japan, this region has temperate climate with plentiful grass land for rasing cattle.

Satsuma Wagyu is known for finely textured meat that is tender and beautifully marbled that will melt in your mouth.

Humane Treatment

• Grain fed for over 650 days and roasted soy bean as special ration, with no animal protein and meat by-product mixed in the feed
• No growth hormones or implants
• Raised in family farm environment with utmost care


Number of heads of Japanese Wagyu (Black Cattle), in the prefecture is about 330 thousand, which accounts for 19% of total production in Japan.


Starzen Meat Processor Co., Ltd. Akune Plant / Est K-3
Shiohama-ho 1-10, Akune-Shi, Kagoshima, Japan