Takamori “Drunken” Wagyu


Takamori “Drunken” Wagyu is a single farm wagyu brand sourced out of Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Iwakuni Farm is a small farm located close to the Dassai Sake Brewery. Both of the establishments have access to fresh spring water from the surrounding mountains.

At Dassai Sake Brewery, after sake production is complete, the brewery brings the sake mash to Iwakuni Farm. The sweet, fermented rice is incorporated into the Takamori Wagyu cattle’s feed.
This unique aspect of the farm’s feeding process is what yields the brand’s name.

The result is a texture that melts in your mouth and a rich and buttery flavor that envelops the pallet upon the first bite.

Takamori Wagyu is the rarest wagyu in the world with only 3 head being harvested per month.
The product is hand-selected by Noriaki Numamoto, Master Butcher and ambassador of the Takamori wagyu brand.

TREX is the exclusive United States importer of this reputable product.

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