Hasegawa Farm Bushu Gyu


Bushu Gyu is single-source wagyu raised on Hasegawa Farm in Saitama Prefecture. The Hasegawa Family has raised wagyu cattle on their farm for four generations.

The farm is home to 800 head of cattle and it is clear when observing the day-to-day routine that they raise the cattle with the utmost care. The cattle are raised on a diet of beer lees, fermented grass, chopped rice straw, and a special protein blend. Hasegawa Farm is a vertically integrated farm with spaces for mothering cattle as well as raising the calves.

Bushu Gyu consistently delivers on a rich flavor profile that shares tasting notes with fresh-pressed olive oil. When the wagyu cattle are raised with pride and care by the Hasegawa Family, it is no surprise that Bushu Gyu has gained a reputation for outstanding product.

TREX is the sole importer in the United States of this unique brand.

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