Trex Corp Inc was established in 1996 in the San Francisco Bay area and has been responsible for providing quality service for exporting U.S. meat products.  With our hands-on knowledge and strong relationship with the key suppliers in the industry led to the growth and success over the years of Trex. 

Customer centricity is a core value of our company.  Our priority is to give 100% of our attention to our producers and customers to meet their needs.  We are not just a food company; we are committed to growing by branding and marketing the best food around the world.  We continue to innovate in this changing industry to bring new ideas and concepts to your table.


Justin Rushlower

Polly Lam

Jay Moon

Hiro Sugano

Mark Melnick

Zoe Ren

Jingna Kuang

Ryan Melnick

Matt (Masahiko) Ebikawa