TREX CORP INC was established in 1996 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our business model concentrated on exporting American beef to Asia during the first decade.  TREX was fortunate to expand our supplier base to leading meat purveyors in Mexico and Canada.

During the second decade we have also added specialty meat products into our repertoire and started Japanese wagyu import.

We like to keep business straightforward, simple and prompt.

Team Trex

Mark Melnick

Matt (Masahiko) Ebikawa
Vice President

Jay Moon
Sales Manager

Hiro Sugano
Export Sales Manager

Justin Rushlow
Import Sales Manager

Ryan Melnick
Import Sales & Logistics

Zoe Ren
Logistics Manager

Jingna Kuang
Accounting Manager

Polly Lam
Export Coordinator

Yolanda Lee
Accounting Manager Assistant